Wednesday, May 17, 2006

softball senate 24 house 12

BCBS called it a "bakers dozen" being the 13th annual softball game between the SC House & the SC Senate. Well, it wasn't 13 points, but it was a pretty good lashin'. For 8 years out of 13, Sen. Greg Gregory put together a troop that was un-amendable. I don't claim to be an athelete and certainly can't claim credit for this victory, but the House Amenders were once again defeated by the Senate Filibusters.
it was all over when: Rep. Vick couldn't make it from 2nd base to 3rd base.
we lost track: President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell kept bringing Sen. Reese a plate of food every score, but the Filibusters kept scoring, so Reese couldn't keep up.
game highlights: Sen Grooms 2 boys were allowed to play. "we were so far ahead, why not?" Coach Gregory