Thursday, May 11, 2006

gas tax relief (Greg Ryberg)

I could not say it any better myself! Greg Ryberg on gas tax relief:
"This week I proudly supported Governor Sanford’s call to suspend the state gas tax over the next several months. It is estimated that this tax suspension will bring $134 million in relief to South Carolina taxpayers while encouraging tourism in our state. With gas prices on the rise and many of us paying nearly $3 a gallon, this tax relief is welcomed with open arms.

Additionally, this relief will help businesses as well as consumers. As gas prices rise, businesses are forced to pass along that absorbed cost to consumers. So not only are consumers feeling the pain at the pump, but they are also seeing rising costs at the checkout line. Suspending the gas tax will give our economy a boost and keep us all moving through the summer months.

This year our state government ran a $425 million surplus. I believe South Carolinians are overtaxed and I am committed to fighting for tax relief at all levels. It’s time we return more tax dollars to hard-working South Carolinians. After all, it’s your money."

Senator Greg Ryberg