Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tax Cuts (sort of)

The Senate passed today a very watered down version of Governor Sanford's Tax Cut Proposal. The original proposal was an across the board cut from 7% to 4.5% for EVERYONE. The Senate passed a cut from 7% to 5% only for small businesses. Now I've never met a tax cut I didn't like, but I am truly disappointed in the witling down of a good proposal.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Defense of Marriage

Defense of Marriage Amendment Pass 18 to 2 in Senate Judiciary with not much debate. There are some questionable contractual issues that need to be ironed out to pass constitutionality muster.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Half way throught 116th Session

It is hard to imagine that we’re half way through the 116th session of the General Assembly. Since our announcement of candidacy in August ’03, we’ve experienced a great journey and together we can accomplish great things in the SC Senate!

Below is a summary of what’s been happening lately:

Tort Reform
Tort Reform legislation was divided into General Tort Reform and Medical Malpractice Tort Reform. One filibuster wasn’t ended until after 1 AM. Hunkered down, we were determined to hold our ground. The two pieces of legislation will be signed into law by Gov. Sanford next week.
Defense of Marriage
Thursday the Senate voted 34-4 to recall the Defense of Marriage Act from subcommittee and placed it on the Senate Calendar. When the reading clerk reached Bryant, I felt it appropriate to answer, “I do” instead of the traditional “aye”.Uniform Securities Act
I am fortunate to be assigned to the Judiciary Sub-Committee that will manage the Uniform Securities Act. I am especially interested in this bill because of the recent Carolina Investors Scandal. This legislation is intended to reform South Carolina's securities regulations and may help prevent the reoccurrence of the betrayal of trust suffered by hundreds of families in South Carolina.
Just a Reminder…Powdersville BBQ
We are delighted to announce a BBQ in Powdersville with Congressman Gresham Barrett as our special guest. The debt reduction fundraiser will be at the home of Christie and Freddie Zink on Saturday, April 16th. Anyone interested in serving on the host committee, please let us know.
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