Thursday, May 18, 2006

$180 million tax relief

Today, The Board of Economic Advisers certified $180 million additional surplus. In the budget process, you saw several failed attempts for tax relief even though the Senate increased spending by $912 million. Now the new figure is $1.1 billion, we are again proposing tax relief. Sen. Ryberg made a motion to express the desire of the Senate is to return the new funds to the taxpayer. This is simply a suggestion to the Conference Committee to remember the taxpayer as it explores options on this new money. The first priority would be in the form of property tax relief, the next choice would be for gas tax relief. It is very sad to hear the cries of taxpayers begging for relief, and in $1.1 billion, we can't find a dime to return to the over-charged taxpayer. If my rhetoric is sounding like a broken record, get used to it. I look forward to hearing from you. The motion was carried over until Tuesday...stay tuned!