Tuesday, April 24, 2007

hogs at the trough

This was not a good day for the taxpayer, of the votes cast:
Elimination of competitive grants lost 31-9
Elimination of National Green Bean museum lost 28-14
$320 million in tax relief tabled on voice vote
$81 million in tax relief lost 25-17
Total elimination of sales tax this year lost 24-18

This video is a perfect example of Tuesday’s (4/24) deliberations on the budget. Click here to see complete list
A short list of earmarks: $950,000 National Green Bean Museum in Lake City, $200,000 Randolph Cemetery in Columbia, $550,000 Johnsonville Library in Florence, $500,000 Weldon Auditorium in Clarendon, $500,000 Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, $500,000 York Museum, $225,000 Abbeville Courthouse renovation, $100,000 Spartanburg Humane Society, $800,000 Anderson parks, $300,000 Horry parks, $500,000 Reedy River project, $990,000 Greenwood sewer line, $500,000 Camp Spearhead, $950,000 City of Easley, $3,900,000 Florence County Museum.