Saturday, April 21, 2007

green bean museum makes the news! news bulletin
Columbia, SC – Legume Air, Inc., Porkyard Resorts International, and the State of South Carolina have announced a partnership for the Southeast’s newest tourist attraction, the Green Bean Museum in Lake City. At a joint press conference with Legume Air and Porkyard Resorts spoke Sen. Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson) “My constituents are ecstatic. The phone has been ringing off the hook demanding tax increases to earmark these kinds of projects. One constituent from Powdersville suggested we consider a Pork & Bean Museum to compliment the Green Bean Museum.” Bryant later added: “Next year, I’ll be pursuing funding for a similar project in my district, ‘The Duck Strut’”. “This yearly festival will feature the ducks of Cater’s Lake and hot air balloon festivities. The project will be supplemented with local impact fees and an increase in grocery taxes. Also, they appreciate the surprise effects of good-ole-boy back-room deals."

“This incredible tourist attraction has caused us to put off all plans to focus on the expected demand for direct flights to Lake City. We initially have 2 daily direct flights from JFK, LAX & Seattle-Tacoma to Lake City,” said Henri Mariana, Legume Air Expansion Vice President.

Porkyard Resorts International representative, Butch Carlisle was just as optimistic. “Our partnership with Legume Air will be the highlight vacation package of 2008. Our new Porkyard Resort will begin with 4 presidential suites, 25 executive suites, and 257 standard rooms. Our next step is to request a line item in next year’s budget for resort expansion.” Carlisle added: We were overwhelmed the good people of South Carolina are progressive minded enough to fund the Green Bean Museum. The taxpayers of South Carolina don’t seem to mind at all. This year, they are turning down any refunds of the expected nearly $1.5 billion. They’d rather see the money spent by their trusted General Assembly’s shadow earmarks and slush funds on wonderful projects like the Green Bean Museum.”

David McIntosh of