Wednesday, April 25, 2007

pick-pocket legislature

$7.875 BILLION of YOUR money was spent in 2 days with only $90 million returned in tax relief. Folks, we tried to return your money in many ways, but the Senate simply insisted on pilfering your money and spending it. Get out some tin snips and cut a penny into 8 pieces. You are getting 1/8 of a penny per dollar in tax relief. Are you nauseated? So am I. We offered several amendments that were subsequently tabled by the liberal, tax & spend Senate:
$320 million (exempt the 1st $5k from being taxable)
$.1 billion in projected, yet uncertified tax credit
$.1 billion in projected, yet uncertified to roads
$.95 million from green bean museum to autistic & medically fragile children
$101.0 million earmarks to tax credits
We had several votes, but 9 of us stood together to simply allow you to keep in your wallet what is rightfully yours. Outstanding, unwavering members of the senate that consistently stood for YOU, the taxpayer are: Senator Lewis Vaughn (R-Greenville), Senator Danny Verdin (R-Laurens), Senator Greg Ryberg (R-Aiken), Senator Glenn McConnell (R-Charleston), Senator John Hawkins (R-Spartanburg), Senator Larry Grooms (R-Berkeley), Senator John Courson (R-Richland), Senator Chip Campsen (R-Charleston)