Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Grooms plan tabled, Senate will debate House plan

I voted in favor of the The Groom Broom yet it was tabled, therefore, we will now examine the House plan. The motion to table the house plan came to a tie and the Lt. Governor cast "no" to table. The Senate is now debating the House plan. This plan increases sales taxes to 7% and totally eliminates property taxes from owner occupied homes (primary residences) except for school bond indebtedness. This bill will remove a large majority of your property taxes on your home. Does this bill create problems? Absolutely, but we'll do our best to resolve the problems. The benefits far outweigh the shortcomings. You will own your home, not rent from the government.

What's good about the House plan:
-eliminates just about all of the taxes on owner occupied homes
-exempts accommodations tax increase and food tax increase

What's bad about the House plan:
-business property tax remains
-car taxes remain
-distribution will have winners and losers