Friday, April 28, 2006

Gov coming to Anderson! Friday 3:45 pm

Today I'm back at my real job, Bryant Pharmacy & Supply. Gov. Sanford will drop by around 3:45 to talk to folks about my amendment to return the surplus money to the taxpayer. He may even want to talk to some of my customers. He may ask them "If you were over charged at this pharmacy, wouldn't you expect Kevin to give your money back?" I'm sure the answer will be yes from every customer. Wednesday, I asked the same question to my colleagues in the Senate. Should the taxpayer get a refund since they have been over charged? Only 9 other members voted with me, so unfortunately, the Governor has only a few stops today. And the people's government refuses to give them what is rightfully theres...their money!

By the way, it is wonderful to be back in Anderson. It is much more down to earth that Columbia where common sense is not very common.