Wednesday, April 26, 2006

$125 tax rebate tabled

I offered a motion to take the surplus money, pay off the trust funds, then return all of the money to the taxpayer. Unfortunately, only 10 members of the SC Senate voted against the tabling motion: Campsen, Courson, Cromer, Grooms, Hawkins, Knotts, Peeler, Ryberg, Verdin, & myself.

This amendment if passed would send $250 million back to the over charged taxpayer. Every taxpayer would get $125 back. That's $250 per couple. That's $5.4 million per senate district.

This budget grows government by 28% over the level of just three years ago. It is clear that government can never have enough money to spend, so all I'm saying is this year let's give the extra money, just the extra money, back to the people who earn it. With this budget, we are telling taxpayers that if they send it, we will spend it.

Perhaps these taxpayers will have used their rebate to pay their property taxes, make an extra house payment, take a long weekend vacation, buy the car a new set of tires. I have asked many constituents this question: do you want me to spend your money in Columbia or return it. 100% of my constituents have told me the same thing. I want MY money back.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of mcolleagueses disagree.