Friday, March 17, 2006

sexual predator captured in Hartsville, now is the time for Jessica's law! (S. 1138)

(Wednesday 03.15.06) The accused, K. G. Hinson kidnapped two 17-year-old girls, brought them to a space he created under a shed (pictured left), tied them up, sexually assaulted them and then left them there. The underground torture chamber is not much larger than a closet with a four-foot ceiling. Thankfully, for the sake of children in Hartsville, Hinson was apprehended on Saturday 03.18.06.

The accused predator has a history. In the year 2000, after serving only 9 of the 18 year sentence, experts found that Hinson would probably pursue sexual violence if not confined in a secure facility. Unfortunately, a judge rejected their advice and released Hinson.

"I think an error was made by the judge in this case. This man should've been kept in the system. If so, then this would not have happened." Attorney General Henry McMaster

“...the average child molester has 117 victims over the course of his lifetime...” Wendy Murphy, former prosecutor

S. 1138 otherwise known as "Jessica's Law" would require more stringent minimum sentencing, and lifetime electronic monitoring for sex offenders. The bill sponsored by Sen. Knotts is currently under consideration in the SC Senate. If this legislation was currently in effect, these kinds of crimes may be prevented. The minimum sentencing would keep these perverts away from our children and the electronic monitoring would accomplish two things:
1-help parole officers and law enforcement follow the habits of sexual predators
2-make it easier for law enforcement to apprehend suspects if the crime is repeated

I've offered an amendment to allow for capitol punishment to be sought in these cases. Although I previously discussed this amendment with several members, it was new to many, therefore carried over until next week. For the safety of children in South Carolina, we need to keep Jessica's law on the fast track!

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