Monday, June 25, 2007

can you help clean up our lake?

Below is a message from Joe Brenner, president of the Lake Hartwell Association:

LHA Members,

I am pleased to announce that Kroeger Marine has generously volunteered their equipment and personnel for one day each month to help clean our shoreline of discarded flotation (icebergs) and other major debris. They plan to provide this service at various areas around the lake, so that eventually all areas get covered.

The initial clean up effort will be held next Friday, June 29. The designated area will be from South Union Boat Ramp, up Eastanollee Creek and down to the Chickasaw Point area.

As you know, LHA worked with the Corps on a couple of "iceberg" clean up efforts last year. LHA was primarily represented by Board and Programs Committee members in an attempt to best determine efficient clean up methods. The use of a powered barge was by far most effective. For these upcoming events, Kroeger will provide their personnel plus both a fixed and a powered

This is an opportunity for LHA members to participate in cleaning up areas near their homes or property. The Corps will also be providing personnel and a couple of boats. If you wish to participate, please meet at the South Union Boat Ramp at 9 AM. The clean up will take place until about 1 PM, but everyone is free to put in whatever time they can. It works best with two or three people per boat, so please work with friends and neighbors to assemble boat crews. Bring life jackets, water and snacks, and rope. Kroeger or the Corps should be able to provide hooks for attaching to flotation blocks.

LHA plans to provide member announcements as dates and locations are determined for each area clean up. We do not intend to plan or organize the events, as Kroeger and the Corps seem to have this well in hand. For more information or for directions, please call the Corps at 1-888-893-0678.

Please take the opportunity to help clean up your area of the lake. It's certainly great to see one of our area businesses "give back" in such a positive way. And it would be nice to get a few pictures for the LHA newsletter, so if you get some, please email them to us at

Joe Brenner
President, LHA