Thursday, June 21, 2007

7 reasons to vote against '07 budget

Thursday 06.21.07 we passed monumental department of transportation reform and workers compensation reforms. The appropriations bill also passed without my vote. Below are 7 of the numerous reasons:

1- Unprecedented level of spending. The budget this year spent over $1.4 billion in new money.
2- Fails to properly fund the OPEB (Other Post Employee Benefits) trust fund. This fund is $9 billion out of balance, we put a pidly $50 million toward this liability.
3-Fails to fund statewide construction or repair.
4- Fails to reform the legislative slush fund known as the competitive grants program,
5- Fails to give meaningful tax relief. The elimination of the lower bracket does nothing for the overwhelming number of taxpayers who bear nearly the entire burden, the working men and women of South Carolina.
6- Includes a one-year elimination of the remaining “blue laws”. It was not subjected to the necessary legislative scrutiny and debate for a matter of this magnitude.
7- Contains more than $300 million in local projects.

There were some good things in this budget like 100 more troops & a 3% pay raise for teachers. My no vote doesn't mean I'm against these, it says let's go back and write it right.