Wednesday, February 28, 2007

putting the brakes on national id

We gave S. 449 favorable report in Transportation Sub Committee Wednesday morning. This bill basically delays the requirement of the DMV to adhere to the Federal Mandate of Real ID until the policy is reasonably changed. The law was passed in the name of security, yet it is another example of government punishing law-abiding citizens while attempting to catch criminals and terrorists. An excerpt from S. 449:

“"Section 56-1-85. The State will not participate in the implementation of the Real ID Act until:
(1) it is expressly guaranteed, through regulation by the Department of Homeland Security, that implementation of the Real ID Act will not compromise the economic privacy or biological sanctity of any citizen or resident of the State of South Carolina;
(2) the federal government provides adequate funding for the implementation of the Real ID Act; and
(3) the federal government adopts the changes to the REAL ID Act as outlined in the report entitled 'The REAL ID Act: National Impact Analysis' of the National Conference of State Legislature, the National Governor's Association, and the
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators."

You may be interested in an article by the State Newspaper and you may want to follow the bill’s status.