Sunday, December 10, 2006

Veteran Funeral (James Davenport) photo by Devin Rubinstein

Anderson displayed its true grit on Friday afternoon (12.11). As the family of James Davenport, fallen hero in Iraq, was saying goodbye to their slain son, thousands of Andersonians lined Main St. as the procession went through downtown. Two ladder trucks from the Fire Department were holding a large American flag. Our pharmacy’s parking lot was full of supporters as well as the very large Ingles parking lot across the street. Patriots either placed their right had over their heart or saluted the funeral procession.

The rumor of a protest was in the air, yet fortunately, the Fred Phelps wackos didn’t show up. You may have heard of these nuts from Kansas that have been protesting at the funerals of fallen soldiers.

Last session bill H. 4965 sailed through the SC House 105-0 and Senate 44-0 outlawing the protesting of funerals. Since the law took effect on June 14, any shenanigans would have brought on criminal charges.

We offer many thanks to the family of James Davenport. Your ultimate sacrifice for our freedom will always be remembered. Also, thank you Anderson for showing so much support!