Saturday, October 07, 2006

Nov. 7 Ballot Referenda

Below are the 7 items that will appear on the Nov. 7th ballot. If you would like to see the full wording of the questions and the official explanation, go to:

Question 1 Defines marriage as one man and one woman (I’ll vote yes)
Question 2a Allows for the Senate to reorganize before January (I’ll vote yes)
Question 2b Allows for one legislative body to meet without the other (I'll vote yes)
Question 3a Expands Retirement System Investments (I'll vote yes)
Question 3b Abolishes Investment Panel (I’ll vote yes)
Question 4 Assessment Cap (I'll vote yes)
Question 5 Eminent Domain (I'll vote yes)
(some have explained that referenda is more appropriate than referendums)