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October 1, 2006
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Concord, NH - On Saturday, September 30, New Hampshire citizens saw the greatest outpouring of grassroots support for Senator John McCain since McCain's 2000 primary victory in the state. Activists, part of a nationwide network known as the Draft McCain Movement, came from as far away as Indiana and as close as Boston to rally public momentum for a McCain presidential run with an outreach effort at the New Hampshire State Republican Convention.
"Granite Staters responded very positively to our efforts," said Charlie Szrom, Draft McCain Movement chairman. "So many folks wanted 'Draft McCain for President' T-shirts that we ran out of them in the first 90 minutes and had to write down mailing addresses to get apparel to all of the McCain supporters there."
"No other prominent contenders for the 2008 GOP nomination had grassroots efforts there, while we had 8 volunteers from across the country," said Szrom. "The scale of and response to our presence shows that Americans want McCain, more than anyone else, to be their next president."
Activists staffed a literature table, passed out materials highlighting how McCain best represents Republican interests, and conversed with convention delegates on the virtues of encouraging McCain to run. The Draft McCain Movement held its first grassroots event at the Iowa Republican Convention in June, has State Coordinators in 14 states, and has registered with the FEC as a Political Action Committee (PAC) under the name "Committee to Draft John McCain."
Photos from the event can be found at http://www.mccainmovement.com?nh_convo. The Draft McCain Movement's success stands even larger given that the general election in 2008 is still two years away; one can easily imagine such grassroots enthusiasm multiplying many times over in the next 24 months.