Tuesday, May 01, 2007

dot reform bill looking better

On Tuesday (05.01.07) we’re considering an amendment to the DOT reform bill. This may improve the bill that I can support.
Chief Highway Engineer
-Hired by the Department of Transportation Board
-May be removed for cause
-Must sign off on expenditures $10 million or less
Executive Director
-Appointed by the Governor with advice & consent of the Senate
-Serves at-will to the Governor
Department of Transportation Board
-7 (congressional & 1 at large)
-Appointed by the Governor with advice and consent of the Senate
-Hires Chief Highway Engineer
-All members must be from different counties
-creates STIP (state transportation improvement plan) with public input
-4 year staggered terms
Joint Transportation Review Committee
-Screen Board appointees - must state either qualified or unqualified within 30 days
-Annual review of activities of the Board and the Department
-Review Methodology of STIP