Monday, March 19, 2007

ultrasound bill draws national media coverage

Monday - full media day. Pictured above is the ABC News setup in our den. The interest was on H. 3355 or the Informed Consent Act, also known as the Ultrasound Before Abortion Bill.

What seems to be getting the attention of the media is the history behind this bill’s creation. In 2005, my wife, Ann, felt compelled to assist in raising the funds to purchase an ultrasound machine for the Anderson Crisis Pregnancy Center. We then learned that a high percentage of patients that get the ultrasound choose to carry the baby to full term. After learning this, we decided to introduce S. 84 which prompted Representative Greg Delleney to introduce a version in the House and here we are. Rep. Delleney’s bill, H. 3355 received 2nd reading on Wednesday (3/21) with a vote of 91-23.

Before an abortionist can perform the procedure on a patient, they must verify the baby's gestational age with an ultrasound, they must review the ultrasound pictures with the mother, and the mother must sign an informed consent that she has reviewed the ultrasound pictures. This language simply builds upon current abortion language in the code. I am told by those in crisis pregnancy centers that when an ultrasound is viewed, most patients (an estimated 85%) choose life.

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