Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Primarily Primary Thoughts

List of things that surprised me in the Republican Primaries
1-Lovelace’s 35% victory? I don’t understand it. Oscar ran well, worked hard, yet lost. Gov. Sanford is getting pressed with questions like “why didn’t you win by more?” Lee Bandy with the State calls it a "serious blow to Sanford." Mark was never in danger of being the Republican nominee on the ballot. Last time I checked, you need 50% plus 1 vote. Go figure...again. Congratulations Gov!
2-Mike Campbell – I voted for Henry Jordan, after all, he did get me into politics, but the Campbell margin shocked me.
3-Cindy Wilson for Anderson County Council – I’m surprised that some actually believed that she could lose. One of these days, folks are going to realize that this genteel lady is popular with her constituents.
4-Karen Floyd - We've supported Karen and knew she'd do well, but winning without a run off with several candidates is almost impossible. Good job Mrs. Floyd!

I predicted:
1-Ron Wilson – Ron ran against a long time councilman, yet is on record for voting for several tax increases. Also, he’s quoted as saying “I’m ashamed of being a Republican.” Sorry, but those things don’t fly well in Powdersville. Congratulations Ron.
2-The Liberal Media's normal reaction- Every Wednesday after an election, we get the same editorials from our media. "We told you how to vote, you did not listen to us, therefore you're stupid." Us voters are so out of touch!